OGC Nice submit offer to Hugo Lloris

OGC Nice have reportedly submitted a late offer to take Hugo Lloris back to France, with the veteran keeper still undecided.

According to Matt Law, Hugo Lloris has an offer from Ligue 1 side OGC Nice, who ponders a late move to take the long-serving Tottenham keeper. The French veteran has fallen in the Spurs pecking order and may have to play second or third choice under Ange Postecoglou this season.

Hugo Lloris could leave Tottenham before the transfer deadline or even as a free agent if the club manages to terminate his contract by mutual consent. The goalkeeper has fallen in the pecking order at the club, where he has been a long time. No.1 since signing from Lyon almost a decade ago.

Earlier today, reports of a surprise approach from Newcastle United emerged, but Lloris seems uninterested in moving up north. A move to France seemed possible even a few months ago, as the Frenchman had a lot of interest from the Ligue 1 side.

He even rejected an approach from Lazio this summer, which shows the long-serving Tottenham star has his preference if he leaves the North London club. OGC Nice have reportedly submitted an offer to take Lloris from Spurs, although the player remains undecided.

He did speak glowingly about the city of Nice sometime during the summer and also mentioned his relationship with their keeper, Kasper Schmeichel. Lloris had said, “I’m very attached to the city of Nice… I’m good friends with Kasper Schmeichel. It’s difficult to speak about this subject. I’ll let fate decide.”

Incidentally, Nice terminated Schmeichel’s contract earlier today, which may have been in anticipation of signing Lloris before the transfer deadline. There can be multiple scenarios brewing in the background, as the French side may have offered to Spurs or might wait until the player can reach an agreement to terminate his contract.

Either way, the road to leaving Spurs seems wide open for Lloris, and it’s up to the player to decide his immediate future. Nice could become a solid option if he prefers, as the veteran might continue playing regularly there.

At Tottenham, he is no longer the first-choice starter for Ange Postecoglou, which could restrict his appearances in cup competitions. However, they have already been eliminated from the EFL Cup. Ultimately, the decision is in Lloris’ hands to make a call on his future, with Nice possibly the best available option.

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