Ange Postecoglou was named Tottenham’s new manager, and supporters need to get his back than dismiss his chance even before a ball is kicked.

Football supporters often have the final say in deciding the present and the future of a player or manager. In more instances than one, the head coach often faces the wrath of an unhappy fanbase. We have seen that with several clubs, including Arsenal, Manchester United and, more regularly Tottenham, whose latest manager is Ange Postecoglou.

Tottenham were staring at a complicated summer window following a massive supporter backlash against the board and, more specifically, chairman Daniel Levy. They want massive changes, not particularly in the way of big signings or a star manager, but balance and consistency with their current team at all levels.

Rival fans have always taken to trolling Spurs supporters for their team’s lack of trophies. Forget titles; all those North London supporters need is a team that could play reasonably and a board that would stop gambling with stupendous ideas that often cause them to reboot their projects.

In the early hours of Tuesday, Tottenham announced the appointment of Ange Postecoglou as their new manager. Little is known regarding this flamboyant Australian, considering he has spent most of his coaching career outside of Europe and mainly in Australia or Asia.

Yet, ask any Celtic fan, and they will rue that Postecoglou will leave Glasgow after only two years in charge. During this time, the 57-year-old Australian managed five domestic trophies, including a solid treble in the season that just finished.

Matt Smith, a former player of Postecoglou at Brisbane Rovers, suggested the 57-year-old is a strict idealist who will not budge under any pressure. Yet, Spurs fans have shown scepticism over this appointment and may not rate the Australian’s chances in north London.

We wanted to convey to Tottenham supporters what they might get with Postecoglou. While it may have come across as a ‘risky’ appointment, there are still plenty of merits and possibilities with the 57-year-old against another high-profile manager that may tarnish the club’s image.

Postecoglou comes without any baggage

Juande Ramos won Tottenham a League Cup in 2008, and since then, the club have gone trophyless. In the early part of the last decade, the supporters sat patiently, looking at otherwise high-profile managers trying to weave their magic on the team to achieve success.

Many have come and gone, and often, some come in here with massive baggage and pressure. Take Jose Mourinho, for instance, a man with an impeccable record of winning trophies wherever he managed. Chelsea, FC Porto, Inter Milan, AS Roma and even Manchester United won titles under the Portuguese, but not Tottenham.

Similarly, ‘serial winner’ Antonio Conte raised Tottenham homes like no other man and delivered his first objective of a top-four finish. The Italian even confirmed the tilt in the north London side of town, leaving their bitter rivals Arsenal well behind.

Yet again, as many say, ‘it’s happened again’, Spurs discovered the harsh truth that things that appear in a certain way may not be accurate. Arsenal have established themselves as the king of North London; Spurs have reputational damage that may take a few years to recover.

Hence, it is imperative to think beyond the goals of winning trophies and give the club a fresh start under a new manager. Unlike many of his predecessors, Postecoglou does not come here with baggage full of regrets and pressure.

Instead, the 57-year-old Austrailian is here on his merit and hoping to bring some fresh ideas to this side. Tottenham fans need to side with him rather than dismiss his presence merely because of his lack of experience at the ‘elite’ level of football.

An unknown personality often steadies things

Ask Arsenal supporters, and they were in this exact situation when Arsene Wenger joined from an unknown Japanese club. Did the fans think this Frenchman would end the domination of Manchester United in this league? Not really, but it worked.

Postecoglou comes from a similar place in the world of football. In fact, he does have tremendous experience in the J1 League, where he won the division title with Yokohoma J. He has won numerous titles, including with the Australian national team, wherever he has coached.

Yet, he comes to Tottenham without pressure to emulate his success stories from elsewhere. Postecoglou is here against the promises of Levy, who had pledged an ‘elite’ manager to take the club forward. All things considered, Postecoglou might be the solution fans need.

From how Tottenham finished the season, they seemed like a club in disarray. They need a manager capable of balancing their actions and putting things into perspective regarding expectations. Sure, it will take plenty of time to steady the ship, but the Australian can do that.

He has already passed the test of being that ‘unknown’ manager by endearing himself to the Celtic faithful, and hence won’t come to Tottenham with that pressure on his mind. Additionally, he might have a clear path to bring something different and start killing the rot engulfing the club for the last few years.

What will Postecoglou bring to Tottenham?

For starters, his style differs from that of Tottenham over the last many years. Since the departure of Mauricio Pochettino, Spurs have become a back-three side, often playing with wing-backs. That is not Postecoglou’s style from how he has made Celtic play.

Postecoglou is a possession-based manager who will not dissolve his philosophies because Spurs are used to playing a different style. He might incorporate their counter-attacking methods into his possession-based ideas, which may have good results.

Then again, this is a Tottenham side filled with players more suited to their current style. Postecoglou might change that but steadily rather than drastically overnight. Hence, the club must back the 57-year-old in the transfer window and start the rebuild.

In conclusion, changes won’t happen overnight for Tottenham. The fans need to stick with the manager if he is to show early promise rather than results. He may struggle in the early weeks, but he has all the attributes and personality to achieve longer-term success at the club. Still, he would need the supporters’ backing all the way, unconditionally.

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