The Arsenal manager recently offered a very practical assessment of how money from the new TV deals, worth more than 8 billion pounds, will be used. The statement comes in the wake of fans protesting against the cutthroat pricing of Premier League match day and season tickets.

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has made a very realistic assessment about how the funds coming in from the Premier League’s new TV deal will be used ,and it will not be taken well by fans of the Premier League.

“What will happen is the prices of the players will go up and you will need this supplement of money coming in to buy new players,” Wenger said, according to BBC.

“I believe the pressure on spending the money will become bigger and you cannot necessarily distribute the money to other people.”

According to the Frenchman, the need to spend has been further increased by the activities of the Chinese Super League in the transfer window this January. The Chinese have spent 258.9 million euros, with their latest acquisition being Liverpool target Alex Teixeira.

Too high a price to pay

The exorbitant ticket pricing in the Premier League has often been criticised by the fans. The latest development comes from one of the most well known fans in the world, with Anfield faithful planning to walk out on Liverpool’s match against Sunderland in protest of the new ticket prices announced for next season.

Arsene Wenger himself had witnessed a walkout at the Emirates Stadium during their Champions League tie against Bayern Munich. Away fans did not enter the stadium until the first five minutes of the game had been played, in protest of the high ticket prices.

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