Football fans everywhere collectively gasped as Mesut Ozil scored one of the best goals of the season so far

The German genius scored the winner in the 87th minute over Ludogorets last night, as Arsenal ran out 3-2 winners after trailing 2 nil in just 7 minutes.

It wasn’t the timing of the goal, but the sheer brilliance that stood out, though, with the German showing incredible composure to first delightfully lift the ball over the keeper and then leave two defenders lying on the floor before calmly slotting home.

But where does this rank with the rest of Ozil’s goals for Arsenal? Let’s take a look :

5. Ozil vs Bournemouth :

This goal stands out because of the composure Ozil shows when surrounded by FIVE Bournemouth players but still manages to keep calm, find Olivier Giroud who beautifully flicks it into Ozil’s path, before Ozil calmly slots it past the keeper :


4. Ozil vs Swansea 

Ozil’s seemingly telepathic relationship with Sanchez is a thing of beauty. One of the goals you need to watch to see an example of this, is Ozil’s goal against Watford earlier this season.

We had to choose this one here though. Watch how Ozil saunters into the box. Twice the Swansea defender in front of him looks directly at Ozil, trying to gauge where he is and what he might do. Ozil sees Sanchez look up, gestures to him, the Swansea defender tries – and admittedly this was quite a terrible try – to step up in order to catch Ozil offside.

However, the German has perfectly timed the angle and movement of his run, and when the Swansea defender next turns around the midfielder is nowhere in sight.

You can watch the finish for yourself and see why it is included on this list :


3. Ozil vs Liverpool 

Ozil scored the second goal of Arsenal’s 2-0 victory over Liverpool last year, and it is this goal that stands out from the game.

The German perfectly placed his free-kick into the bottom left corner of Simon Mignolet’s goal. Just look at where the ball starts from the reverse angle and where it ends.

Many will attribute this to a goalkeeping error, as Simon Mignolet can be seen taking a step in the wrong direction before belatedly diving the right way, but you have to remember that Ozil would have kept in mind what the keeper was thinking before choosing where to place the ball.

The position of the ball was actually suited in a great position for a left-footed player – which Ozil is – to place the ball in the top right-hand corner. It is no coincidence that Mignolet thought that was exactly what Ozil would do :

2: Ozil vs Napoli

This was Ozil’s debut goal for Arsenal, and what a goal it was! At the time Napoli were a very tricky side to face, and given Arsenal’s struggles, Wenger’s men weren’t clear favourites to win the game.

They did, though, and Ozil’s opener was as smooth as the playmaker usually is himself.

Opening up his body, Ozil nonchalantly sidefooted the ball,  showing great technique to curve it away from Pepe Reina who could merely get a hand on it. Ozil had announced his arrival.


1: Ozil vs Ludogorets

And finally to No.1 on this list. Could it have been anything else? Last night’s goal was simply sublime, and easily places No.1 on this list in our eyes. From the timing of his run, to the first touch to take it down while running at pace, to the way he had the presence of mind to fake the keeper and lift the ball over him delightfully, to the composure he showed to twice feign a shot and leave two defenders lying on the floor.

It is only players of the highest caliber whose minds think that quickly, especially when you consider that Arsenal were drawing 2-2 at the time and that time was the 87th minute of a Champions League game. That was also Elneny’s first involvement in the game after coming off the bench, so credit it where it’s due. It is a goal of pure class, and the more you see it the better it gets :

Ozil magic

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