Paul Ince was tedious in assessing Manchester United’s reported new contract offer for Paul Pogba, claiming the club is showing signs of desperation.

As soon as things started looking positive for Manchester United at the start of the season, it’s gone somewhat grim in the preceding weeks. Their disappointing draw to Everton pulled in criticism from pundits over Solskjaer’s selection policy which saw Cristiano Ronaldo and Paul Pogba benched.

The air around Old Trafford has thickened in recent weeks, as issues with the club, their manager, and the players keep mounting. One of the immediate concerns for Manchester United among those problems is to solve the Pogba situation. They have reportedly prepared a new contract offer, although the Frenchman has shown reluctance to commit.

According to reports, the new offer will earn Pogba around £400,000-a-week in wages, a significant upgrade over his current pay at the club. United hopes a resolution is reached soon, as the midfielder could sign a pre-contract agreement with another foreign club in January.

He is courted by Real Madrid, who would like to make him one of their statement signings next summer. Pogba’s agent, Mino Raiola, is pushing for the midfielder to sign for the Spanish side. Hence Manchester United are seemingly rushing with their offer, hoping the Frenchman commits.

Will Pogba sign a new contract with Manchester United? (Photo by Paul Ellis/AFP via Getty Images)
Will Pogba sign a new contract with Manchester United? (Photo by Paul Ellis/AFP via Getty Images)

Paul Ince feels Pogba might not be worth the money offered, questioning Manchester United’s intentions with the new deal. The Dailymail posted long comments from Ince as he criticised the club’s ‘desperate attempt to extend the midfielder’s contract.

Ince said, “That’s a sign of desperation from Manchester United in offering that contract. Obviously, they’re trying to persuade him to sign this deal. It’s a lot of money for someone who has been in and out of the side. He was on the bench two weeks ago against Everton, and then all of a sudden, you’re saying: ‘Here’s £400k-a-week!’

“Ultimately, if you’re paying that type of money for a player, he has to play every game, and we’re not seeing Paul Pogba play every game. “Where is his ideal position? Where does Ole [Gunnar Solskjaer] see him playing week in, week out? We know where Bruno Fernandes plays; that’s easy enough. But where does Paul Pogba play?

“Does he play in holding midfield like he did against Wolves? Is he going to play him on the left-hand side? Is he going to put him on the bench? There’s too much confusion with where Pogba’s best position is. He was more advanced at the start of the season, and his assists record has been fantastic this season. He was unbelievable against Southampton.

“But I’m looking at this and thinking, “What makes you offer Paul Pogba £400k-a-week at this precise moment? He’s not pulling up trees, and his performances have been on and off.”

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  1. Geeroy says:

    I’m waiting for the day when Paul (Ince) has a good thing to say about United. Get over your hurt man, it’s been a long time. I don’t know which hurts him more, that Sir Alex didn’t want him back, or that he ended up at Liverpool.

  2. Dudley Galant says:

    He has a point it appears we not getting the best out of pogba and that points directly to management not knowing how to use him

  3. Ray says:

    I totally agree with him on Pogba’s weekly performance is above average; he’s not worth paying him such an exorbitant salary £400k for above average performance; anyway he’s expected to play like all professionals should. His annual salary is already mind-blowing in £millions; the Club should look for an above average player in his mould in offers, in other Clubs

  4. Ho Kum Seng says:

    Ole needs to use his prize assets to his advantage, he have to play them at their best position and right now he is not doing it.
    Why buy VDB and not playing him, let the kid have his chance you never know instead of persisting with Fred and worse played him at the out of position. Fred is no DMF, he plays best as AMF a position with Brazil.
    Ole should focus in how best to gel all their players and get a game plan A or B at different opposition and situation.
    This is not the time talking about other players you can get in the mkt in winter, you or Man Utd have made a mistake by not strengthening your weakest link midfield. So just go and work more on the midfield and get McTomminay, VDB, Fernandes, Pogba, Cavani, Ronaldo, Rashford, Sancho in their best positions.
    Work on Greenwood on being a team player, right now he is just too sefish!
    Hope Ole and Man Utd success.

  5. Patrick says:

    You are so right. Ince is acting like a dumbed ex. First he said he could do a better job than Ole. Now week in week out he has only negative things to say abt our team.

    Paul Ince talks as if he won anything as a second rate coach.

  6. Bulus Reuben says:

    Ole I don’t understand why, you are doing like that am Manchester United fans but am not feeling good about you, change,

  7. Amidu says:

    Ole is just proving how naive he is when it comes to player management and proper tactics. Players don’t seem to show much professional commitment. Generally POOR team management. I am not too keen about united matches just to keep my BP safe.

  8. Tusie says:

    Ole has reached his optimum level, he therefore cannot achieve anything further with United. The club is just too big for him unfortunately.

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