Napoli star Lorenzo Insigne’s agent has encouraged fresh transfer gossip around the situation of his client after declaring that they are not satisfied with the contract that Napoli management are offering at the moment.

Something’s rotten in the state of Naples. After Higuain and Koulibaly, another player’s agent has come out and claimed that they are dissatisfied with Napoli’s administrative policies. Gonzalo Higuain, who moved to Juventus this summer, had openly criticised club president De Laurentiis’ policies and approach towards Napoli players. Koulibaly’s agent is also unhappy the way the club has handled his client. Now it seems that Neapolitan fan favourite and club poster-boy Lorenzo Insigne is also having trouble with a potential contract renewal.

Milking the Neapolitan cow

In an interview with Radio CRC, Fabio Andreotti (Insigne’s agent) has said that there is a possibility that Insigne may look for a new club this summer. “Lorenzo’s career at Napoli could come to an end, De Laurentiis has always declared he’s the symbol of this club but at the last meeting we received answers that were not favourable” (via Calciomercato).


With the departure of Higuain and the club’s struggles to find a replacement, this news comes at the worst possible time for Napoli fans. Napoli’s attempts to land Inter’s Mauro Icardi have been thwarted with swift promptness. Ajax’s Arkadiusz Milik have been bought for a considerable amount of money, though he can hardly be expected to step into the shoes that Higuain has left empty.

In all likelihood however, this is Insigne’s agent’s way of hardballing with Napoli to get a better deal for his client. It is well known that film tycoon and Napoli owner Aurelio De Laurentiis drives one of the hardest bargains in Europe. Chelsea’s relentless efforts to strike a deal for Koulibaly has been met with successive failures as a result. Napoli faithful would be hoping that Andreotti’s threat is more of a scare tactic, although there is a chance that he might follow through on his threats.

Arsenal, potential suitors?

Andreotti further claimed that – “With a heavy heart, I must say that there are clubs that are considering us. Napoli don’t want to let him go, but the contract they’re offering does not satisfy us, we have better offers. Three among the richest clubs in Europe want Lorenzo, and [sporting director Cristiano] Giuntoli has known this for a long time” (via Football-Italia).

In January, several sources had linked Arsenal with Insigne, and there is no reason why the London-based club cannot reignite their interest in the diminutive winger with an attacking flair. Insigne might be an instant hit with Arsenal’s style of play as he had showed traces of his talent, as a substitute in the Euros. Needless to say that Insigne is not looking forward for a move abroad, but will only welcome it once all other options have exhausted themselves.

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