The video for the Prodigy’s 1996 hit ‘Firestarter’ has been recreated in the new Beats ad, with four of the world’s best footballers. In the video, they are transported to a sinister looking tunnel as they make their way out for a match. 

Tottenham and England striker Harry Kane starts down the tunnel towards the pitch, putting on his headphones to calm his nerves before the match. Suddenly, he’s in a dark tunnel faced with shadowy figures trying to take the ball away from him. But he manages to play his way out. Atletico Madrid’s Antoine Griezmann and Bayern Munich’s Mario Gotze find themselves in similar situation, and the trio eventually meet at a junction where they find Chelsea’s Cesc Fabregas. They all race to the light at the end of the tunnel to enter the pitch, taking off the headphones and saying hello to reality again.

Check out the news Beats ad in the video below.

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