Maruti Suzuki India Limited, India’s leading passenger vehicle manufacturer, launched their new limited edition Swift Deca, a variant of its most popular Maruti Suzuki Swift.

The Deca derives its name from the Greek word for number ten, and its sporty look is inspired by the famous number 10s in sport, especially football. Be it Pele or Maradona, the greatest players in the history of the game have donned the famous number 10 jersey. In order to #PlayLike10, the Swift Deca delivers when it matters the most.

It was launched recently to much fanfare. Among its salient features are spoilers and side skirtings, a stunning exterior to balance its elegant interiors and most importantly, the trusted Maruti Suzuki brand name.

Since football is our passion here at The Hard Tackle, we see how the limited edition offering from Maruti Suzuki India stacks up against the best number 10s on the planet.

To #PlayLike10, here are 10 reasons why Swift Deca should be your next car:

1. Inspired by the famous number 10s in sport, the limited edition Swift Deca’s superior performance wows everyone around – including its competitors.



2. Rugged, sporty exterior with front and rear spoilers, proudly carrying the number 10 on its back



3. Customised to perfection so that it fits your every need



4. The Swift Deca is a once-in-a-generation, limited edition just like the Peles and Mardonas of this world



5. Equipped with Reverse Parking Assist, so you only think about moving forward



6. Stunning interiors with a styling kit, ambient light and trendy floor mats because what’s a number 10 without some style



7. Performance so smooth, you tackle all obstacles away



8. Comes installed with a touch-screen music system with Bluetooth and external mics, keeping us ahead of the opposition at all times



9. Available in stunning combinations of Bright Red and Pearl White to add flair to your life



10. Whether on the highway or in traffic, glide smoothly on your way to the goal



All in all, to #PlayLike10 you have to be a number 10! And with Maruti Suzuki Swift Deca, your journey to superstardom is just a step or dare we say, a stepover away.

For more information, please visit the website or just subscribe to the YouTube channel.

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